As social creatures, we often place emphasis on both looking good and feeling good.

There is debate on just how much influence these concepts have on each other, but for many people, appearance does have at least a little impact on how they perceive themselves and their confidence.

When we discuss beauty services for clients’ skin and complexion at our office, we keep the above in mind. Having a desire to remove many of the daily concerns of appearance and providing more freedom for your inner self to shine outward is neither vain, nor shameful.

Let’s dive a little more into what we mean by looking into a temporary beauty treatment: makeup.


What We Make of Makeup

Nancy Etcoff, a clinical professor and research psychologist, has studied the societal and psychological influences of aesthetics in people. It’s pretty fascinating stuff!

One such study involved the impact of makeup on external viewers. People were shown photographs of women with and without makeup at a glance (250 milliseconds). Just a glimpse of makeup led many subjects to see their wearers attractive, trustworthy, and capable.

Makes sense, right? But when a longer look was offered, perceptions changed.

Upon a deeper inspection, those who had more natural-looking makeup still tended to be rated as favorably, while those who wore flashier makeup started to be rated as less trustworthy.

Now, this is not to say that anyone who prefers to wear more dramatic makeup is not trustworthy, or should change anything they are doing if they feel confident in their makeup. How an individual uses makeup is up to them and them alone!

However, the truth still stands that how people respond to makeup can be complicated, and those effects over time can become subconsciously ingrained; become an influence in how we approach our own uses of this tool.

Makeup can temporarily boost confidence, and there is nothing wrong with that. The confidence that comes with knowing you have it on can, in itself, be attractive to those around you!

Etcoff cites another study where men who had just sprayed either scented or unscented products were judged on attractiveness. The ones with the scented product scored higher, but here’s the kicker: the judges couldn’t smell anyone in the study! The attractiveness was linked to the extra confidence the men with the scented product had.

Beauty products, nice smells, and other temporary grooming products can be very beneficial, but it comes down to the attitude you have toward them.

Do you approach makeup as something you enjoy? Or do you more resent it as something you “have to” do? Do you force yourself to use it?

Then makeup likely isn’t going to help your confidence. What might help are our longer-lasting, lower-maintenance beauty services.

What Beauty Services Do We Offer?

When we say, “beauty services,” we are focusing on treatments that refresh and rejuvenate the skin. A few of the procedures we provide include:

  • Chemical Peels – It might sound intense, but a chemical peel simply removes damaged outer layers of skin to bring out the smoother, clearer skin beneath. It is a rather non-invasive way of improving sun damage, live spots, freckles, wrinkles, and other blemishes.
  • Botox Injections – This treatment is commonly used to smooth out creases along the eyebrows, forehead, eyes, and neck. A single treatment can show results in 2-3 days and last up to a year.
  • Juvederm Treatments – Juvederm is a naturally based dermal filler that works with your collagen to provide additional support and contouring. It can make loose skin look firmer, as well as lips or cheeks looking fuller.
  • Laser Facelift – This high-tech treatment uses a small laser to safely heat the skin via microscopic entry points. This can tighten the top layers of skin, reduce fat between the skin and muscle tissue, and tighten the deep fascia surrounding facial muscles. Results of a 30-60-minute treatment can last up to 6 months, and only a little local anesthesia is required.

Beauty Services

Beauty Treatments that Improve Your Daily Life

There are additional treatments and procedures we might recommend during a consultation. We take the time to perform a thorough analysis of your skin and listen to the problem areas you would like to improve.

We want to make sure that the methods we recommend are the best for your individual needs and lifestyle. But even more than that, we want to make sure what we do has the best impact on how you feel about yourself inside.

In some cases, a more surgical approach might be considered the best option. In many other cases, regular treatments such as Botox or laser contouring can provide the look you would like, and simply need to be re-applied later in the year.

If you wish, we can also recommend skincare products to prolong the effectiveness of your treatment, helping to repair the damages of sun, wear, and time while helping to prevent future damage as well.

In the end, we will sculpt a plan that takes your best interests and routines into mind. We’ll provides the results that let your inner confidence shine through!

Don’t trudge up to the makeup mirror every day if an alternative can provide you a better outlook on your day. Call our Fort Lauderdale office at (954) 380-8413 and let’s discuss how our beauty services may benefit you.

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