Wave Goodbye to Unwanted Cellulite

Avéli offers a revolutionary approach to achieving smoother skin. At Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lisa J. Learn combines her expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide non-invasive solutions that enhance natural beauty. Whether you are dealing with stubborn cellulite or seeking overall skin improvement, our personalized treatments are designed to meet your unique needs.

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Why Choose Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery for Aveli Cellulite Treatment?

At Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery, you receive care from a team led by Dr. Lisa J. Learn, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. We pride ourselves on offering compassionate, personalized care with a welcoming environment. Our advanced technology and dedication to patient satisfaction are aimed at helping you achieve the best possible results. Whether you’re looking to improve your skin’s appearance or enhance your natural beauty, our expert team is here to help you every step of the way.

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What Parts of the Body Can Avéli Treat?

Avéli effectively addresses various skin concerns and can be applied to multiple areas of the body. This versatile treatment is for anyone looking to enhance their skin's texture and overall appearance. It can treat unwanted cellulite in common locations on the body, such as the following:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
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What is Avéli Cellulite Treatment?

Avéli is an advanced, minimally invasive procedure targets and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This treatment uses precision technology to disrupt the fibrous bands beneath the skin that result in the dimpled effect, promoting a smoother and more even skin texture. The result is a noticeable improvement in skin appearance with minimal downtime.

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What Are the Benefits of Avéli Cellulite Treatment?

This treatment offers numerous advantages for those seeking to improve their skin's appearance. Avéli’s minimally invasive procedure reduces cellulite for smoother looking skin. The sought-after benefits of Avéli cellulite treatment include the following:

  • No surgery or major incisions are required
  • Minimal downtime, so you can resume normal activities almost immediately
  • Targets the cause of cellulite for long-lasting improvement
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Achieve a more attractive, youthful appearance
  • Results can be maintained with minimal follow-up treatments

How Avéli Works to Banish Cellulite

This treatment targets the underlying causes of cellulite—specifically, the fibrous bands that tug at the skin and create a dimpled appearance. A specialized handheld device is inserted just beneath the skin during the procedure. This device precisely cuts these fibrous bands, allowing the skin to relax and smooth out. The process is minimally invasive and involves local anesthesia to ensure comfort. By addressing the root cause of cellulite, Avéli provides a more effective and lasting solution than topical treatments or temporary fixes.

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About the Avéli Procedure

During the Avéli session, the treatment areas are marked, and a local anesthetic is used to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Learn will make tiny incisions to insert the Avéli probe using a specialized handheld device. This probe is guided beneath the skin to precisely target and sever the fibrous bands responsible for the appearance of cellulite. The device’s advanced technology allows for controlled, precise disruption of these bands, leading to smoother skin. This minimally invasive approach ensures precision and effectiveness and minimizes discomfort and recovery time.

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What to Expect After Your Treatment

Some patients may experience some redness, mild swelling, or bruising at the treatment sites, which typically subsides within a few days. We recommend patients avoid strenuous activities and follow specific aftercare instructions. Most patients can return to their regular routines immediately, enjoying progressively smoother skin as the treated areas heal. Results will continue to show over the following weeks as your body adjusts and collagen production increases.

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