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Dr. Lisa Learn and Dr. Dudas believe that every woman deserves to feel satisfied with how her breasts look. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and their appearance can change over time due to circumstances related to aging, motherhood, and genetics. If you find yourself embarrassed or upset over the appearance of your breasts, it might be time for you to consider breast surgery. You may be a candidate for breast surgery if you are experiencing pain, self-esteem issues, or simply want your breasts to look how you have always envisioned.

What is Breast Surgery?

Breast surgery refers to various medical procedures that can be performed on one or both breasts. Women elect to undergo breast surgery for cosmetic and/or reconstructive reasons.

You may, for example, pursue a breast lift if your breasts are sagging after years spent breastfeeding. Some women opt for breast surgery to alter the size of their breasts and enhance their cleavage, which can then influence their fashion choices (think bras, tops, and swimsuits!).

No matter your age or reason for wanting breast surgery, it is important to remember that breast surgery is a medical procedure that involves recovery time (the duration of your recovery time will vary based on the type of surgery you undergo). Dr. Learn specializes in several types of breast surgery, including breast augmentation and breast reduction.

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Why Have Breast Surgery?

You should have breast surgery if your breasts are causing physical pain and/or emotional discomfort. If your breasts are so big that you have consistent back or neck pain, a breast reduction can help. If your breasts are different sizes and you feel frustrated every time you look at them, an augmentation can make them proportionate.

If you received breast implants and they are leaking or deflated, breast surgery can facilitate their safe and effective removal.

In a study titled “Satisfaction and quality of life in women who undergo breast surgery: A qualitative study,” published by the National Library of Medicine, “The patient interviews revealed that breast conditions and breast surgery impact women in the following six main areas: satisfaction with breasts; satisfaction with the overall outcome; psychosocial well-being; sexual well-being; physical well-being; and satisfaction with the process of care.” This study emphasizes that there are many reasons why women have breast surgery. Your reason(s) will be as unique as your breasts, and your surgeon, Dr. Learn, will focus on providing a safe and successful outcome no matter what type of breast surgery you choose.

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Types of Breast Surgery

Dr. Learn has years of experience performing each of the following surgeries:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, can increase the size, shape, and/or fullness of your breasts. Under Dr. Learn’s care, you will be given breast implant options that take into consideration not only the size and shape of your breasts but also their projection and profile. Breast augmentation surgery is ideal for women who are unhappy with the current contours of their breasts, women whose breasts are sagging after losing weight, women who have lost breast tissue post-pregnancy, women who have small nipples but large breasts, women with disproportionate-sized breasts; women who have a breast deformity such as Poland Syndrome or pectus excavatum; women who want to improve their appearance after breast cancer surgery; and women who want fuller chests and increased cleavage volume. A breast augmentation will provide a higher, fuller bust line that feels as natural as it looks.

Breast Lift

A breast lift focuses on improving the contours and placement of your breasts and areolas. Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift restores lost shape and/or volume.

A breast lift is ideal for women whose areolas are stretched and point downward and women whose skin has lost its natural elasticity due to aging and/or motherhood, both of which can make your breasts appear droopy and saggy.

A breast lift will make your breasts feel firmer and sit higher on your chest. Some women combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation for more fullness.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery shrinks your cup size. This can have a significant impact on not only your body image but also your lifestyle.

Women whose large breasts may have inhibited them from participating in physical activities can enjoy the benefits of a much lighter chest after undergoing this procedure. Breast reduction surgery also works well to reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain. It can also prevent shoulder grooving, which occurs when the weight of a woman’s breasts causes her bra straps to dig into the shoulders and leave visible grooves or indentations in the skin. The ideal outcome for breast reduction surgery is to make your breasts a more manageable size.

Breast Revision Surgery

Did you undergo breast surgery recently or years ago? Have you been noticing any concerning issues or complications related to that surgery, or have you simply changed your mind regarding the results? If so, breast revision surgery may be right for you.

This type of breast surgery can address what went wrong, whether it has to do with implants, breast asymmetry, or another issue. Breast revision surgery is even suitable for women who want to address changes that occur in breast tissue after childbirth or during breastfeeding. Regardless of why you are considering breast revision surgery, know that if a revision is in order, you can count on Dr. Learn to make things right.

Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants do not last forever, and sometimes they can even lead to complications due to a medical condition or your body’s reaction to the implant. If your implants are leaking, appear deflated, have ruptured, or are just too big for your tastes, Dr. Learn can remove them.

Sometimes women elect to have their implants removed because of certain conditions, including capsular contracture, which hardens the surrounding tissue around the breast and squeezes the implant. Seromas and calcium deposits are also other painful implant-related issues. If your implants are causing you pain, contact Dr. Learn at your earliest convenience so she can help.

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View Transformations

Your breasts are unique and so, too, will be your reasoning behind choosing to undergo breast surgery with Dr. Learn, one of the most well-respected and trusted cosmetic surgeons in the Fort Lauderdale area. Dr. Learn takes great pride in her work and her ability to approach each procedure with her unique perspective and artistic eye.

We invite you to view our gallery of before and after pictures of procedures, including breast surgery transformations. These photos depict patients who have placed their trust in Dr. Learn and are thrilled with the results. We are limited on the number of before and after photos that we can display online, so if you are considering another type of breast surgery and would like to see before and after photos of that specific surgery, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

Are You Ready to Love Your Breasts?

Whether you have been considering breast surgery for weeks, months, or years, you owe it to yourself to explore your options and learn to love your breasts again. Dr. Learn and her team want you to consider your breasts an asset rather than a source of embarrassment or cause of pain. If you are ready to boost your confidence through breast surgery, we are prepared to guide you through every step of the process in a warm, friendly, and judgment-free environment.

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Reserve a Consultation Today

Dr. Learn and Dr. Dudas are so excited to meet with you to discuss the types of breast surgery procedures she offers. Their years of experience and enthusiasm for helping women will put you at ease as you two discuss what type of breast surgery you are interested in and what aesthetic goals you are hoping to achieve.

You can schedule your confidential consultation by calling (954) 393-0254 or submitting a request online. Because the decision to undergo breast surgery is personal, we strive to make you feel fully informed so you can make a comfortable and confident decision that aligns with your needs and goals. Talk with us today and take a step towards reaching your goals.

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