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Breast implants are not made to last forever. The longer you have them, the more likely you are to encounter some complications. Sometimes, because of an injury or the natural aging of implants, they can spring a leak or rupture and become deflated. Other times scar tissue can build and cause pain and discomfort.  When your breasts start making you look and feel uncomfortable, it’s time to consider breast implant removal in Fort Lauderdale with Dr. Lisa Learn.

Why Choose Us For Breast Explant Surgery?

Dr. Lisa J. Learn's practice offers compassionate support for individuals considering breast implant removal. With over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery and one of only a small handful of female board-certified plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Learn understands that each patient's journey is unique. She also leads our team in appreciating the whole picture of our patient’s total well-being thanks to being one of the few Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Whether for medical reasons, personal preferences, or transitioning to a more natural look, our practice provides expert care and guidance throughout the breast explant surgery process.

We prioritize patient well-being, comfort, and confidence, ensuring that individuals achieve their desired outcomes while maintaining their overall health and aesthetic aspirations.

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Knowing When It’s Time For A Change

There are a number of reasons to remove breast implants. At the top of the list is if you are experiencing pain. Some common conditions that result in a need for breast explant surgery include:

  • Capsular Contracture: a condition in which the surrounding tissues become hardened, squeezing the implant and sometimes causing distortion and extreme discomfort. 
  • Formation of a Seroma: This is a collection of blood that builds, resulting in swelling and bruising. 
  • Calcium Deposits: These can form over time, leading to the development of painful lumps.
  • Other Reactions or Conditions: Sometimes, it’s a medical condition or your body’s reaction that can cause implant issues. 

Regardless of what’s behind the problem, any pain, discomfort, or abnormality needs to be addressed. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa J. Learn understands your feelings. You can rest assured that you will be treated with care and understanding with an approach customized to your individual needs. A thorough consultation with Dr. Learn is crucial before commencing breast implant removal. During this essential step, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, medical history and what you envision for your outcome. You’ll receive expert guidance and assessment of your specific case so a personalized plan can be developed for your breast implant removal procedure.

  • Anesthesia: The procedure begins with anesthesia administration to ensure your comfort during the surgery. Dr. Learn will discuss the best option for you—either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.
  • Incision: Small, discreet incisions are made following the predetermined plan discussed during your consultation. The location and length of incisions may vary based on factors such as implant type and desired outcomes.
  • Implant Removal: The breast implants are carefully removed, making sure to preserve the surrounding tissue. If necessary, additional steps may be taken to address capsule contracture or tissue adjustments.
  • Closing Incisions: The incisions are meticulously closed with sutures. In some cases, drainage tubes may be placed temporarily to prevent fluid buildup.
  • Immediate Post-Op Recovery: After the procedure, you'll be closely monitored during the initial recovery period. Then, you will be provided instructions on post-operative care, including wound care and follow-up appointments.

Breast Explant Surgery Can Be Followed With Renewed Breast Augmentation

Having breast implants removed doesn't have to diminish your self-esteem or attractiveness. In fact, when undergoing implant removal surgery, you have options to enhance your appearance. New implants can be inserted during the same procedure, and additional techniques can address various issues. These may include removing scar tissue or calcium deposits causing discomfort, repositioning misplaced implants, improving skin tightness to eliminate puckering or dimpling, and addressing seromas that may have formed over time. By combining the right procedures, you can restore the beauty of your breasts.

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Recovery After Breast Implant Removal Is Relatively Short

Recovering from breast implant removal is typically a swift process. In most cases, you can resume your regular activities within a few days and return to full activity within two to three weeks. You can anticipate a complete recovery and a return to your best self within a few months. Rest assured, Dr. Learn will be by your side throughout the journey, offering not only professional and top-quality care but also emotional support as needed. Our commitment is to ensure you not only look but also feel your absolute best, providing a comforting and rejuvenating experience.

Contact Us To Schedule A Consultation On Breast Explant Surgery

To learn more about breast explant surgery in Fort Lauderdale with Dr. Learn or Dr. Dudas, including when you should consider having it done, contact our office by calling (954) 393-0254. You can also visit us online and on Facebook for additional valuable information. Don’t wait until you are experiencing pain. Make regular appointments to maintain the health and beauty of you and your breasts.

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