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A full facelift in Fort Lauderdale with Dr. Lisa Learn is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to revive the look of their face and take years off of their appearance. If you are wondering what a full facelift is and what it entails—or are curious about other facelift options and techniques—you have come to the right place.

Expertise And Dedication To A Holistic Approach To Aesthetic Results Set Dr. Lisa J. Learn And Her Team Apart

When considering a facelift procedure, choosing Dr. Lisa J. Learn's plastic surgery practice is a decision rooted in expertise, compassion, and a deep understanding of individual needs. As one of the Fort Lauderdale region's few actively practicing female board-certified plastic surgeons with over two decades of experience, Dr. Learn brings a unique perspective to her practice. Patients are welcomed like family, heard attentively, and made to feel at ease throughout their journey. Our conservative approach ensures a natural appearance, prioritizing patient comfort and well-being. Dr. Learn and her team strive to create a seamless, painless experience, leaving lasting positive impressions physically and emotionally. Our profound dedication to both the surgical result and patients' emotional well-being makes our practice an exceptional choice for those seeking a facelift procedure that transcends the ordinary, offering life-changing results.

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Not Ready For A Full Face Lift? You Have Options

At Dr. Lisa J. Learn, we want to make sure you get the specific technique that suits what you want to address. Sometimes, a full facelift is not necessary to achieve the level of rejuvenation you want so we offer additional facelift procedures:

  • Lower Facelift
  • Modified Facelift
  • Facial Fat Grafting
  • Mini Facelift

What Is A Lower Facelift?

A lower facelift targets the bottom third of your face, focusing on your cheeks, chin, jawline, and neck, plus the area around your nose and mouth. This popular procedure counteracts facial aging by tightening and repositioning muscles, and then re-draping the skin over the newly shaped contours of your face. While you are under sedation, your surgeon will also spend time carefully removing, trimming, and sculpting excess fat. A lower facelift is less invasive than a full facelift, which is more comprehensive and time-consuming in regard to both the surgery and the recovery phase.

The lower facelift procedure can be combined with a neck lift. If you elect to undergo a neck lift alongside a lower facelift, your surgeon will remove, trim, or sculpt loose fat around your neck.

Removing excess skin and fat around the neck and jawline area will enhance your appearance, especially if a double chin has made your neck look bigger and your profile less attractive.

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Why A Lower Facelift Might Be Right For You

The ultimate goal of a lower facelift is to restore your youthful-looking appearance in the lower region of your face.

  • Ideal if you have creases around your nose and mouth, a double chin, jowls, and droopy skin that used to be more taught.
  • Once you are all healed, your lower facelift will give you a much happier and well-rested appearance. 
  • The results will be noticeable almost immediately.

Looking For Dramatic Results With A Quick Recovery Time? A Modified Facelift May Be Your Answer.

A modified facelift is an excellent surgical option that comes without many of the downsides associated with a traditional facelift. This “happy medium” approach combats visible signs of aging and the negative effects those signs can have on your overall self-esteem. Most surgeons do not offer modified facelifts, but Dr. Learn is skilled in giving patients great results from by using this effective technique.

During this procedure, Dr. Learn will make relatively small S-shaped incisions around your ears. She will then lift and tighten the skin, as well as remove excess tissue. The goal of a modified facelift is to address areas around your face that have been causing you embarrassment or distress. This involves tightening loose skin, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, improving facial contours, and addressing sagging or drooping in the lower face and neck areas.

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Facial Fat Grafting Is A Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenating Technique

Facial fat grafting, also known as autologous fat transfer or fat injection, is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of excess fat from one area of the body, typically through liposuction, and then transferring that fat to enhance or rejuvenate the face. Here's an overview of the procedure:

Harvesting Fat

The first step involves harvesting fat from areas where you have excess fat deposits, such as the abdomen, thighs, or hips. This is done through a gentle liposuction procedure.

Purification and Processing

The harvested fat is then carefully processed and purified to remove impurities, oils, and fluids. This ensures that only healthy fat cells are used for the transfer.


The purified fat is injected into specific areas of the face where volume is desired or where signs of aging are evident. Common target areas include the cheeks, temples, lips, and under-eye hollows.

Sculpting and Contouring

The surgeon skillfully injects the fat in small, precise amounts to sculpt and contour the face, creating a more youthful and refreshed appearance.


Over time, the transplanted fat cells establish a blood supply and become a permanent part of the facial tissue. Some initial swelling and bruising are common, but once they subside, patients can enjoy the natural and long-lasting results.

Benefits Of Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting offers natural-looking enhancement, reduced risk of allergic reactions (since it uses the patient's own tissue), and the simultaneous removal of unwanted fat from another area of the body. It is a popular option for those looking to restore lost facial volume, soften wrinkles and fine lines, and achieve a more youthful facial appearance.

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What Is A Full Facelift?

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that reduces visible aging signs. A facelift removes excess facial fat and tightens the skin, helping to get rid of wrinkles and restoring a more youthful appearance. There are several reasons why you are losing the youthful look on your face. Some reasons include:

  • Inherited genes from your parents. 
  • Too much stress in your life.
  • Having your skin exposed to an excess of sunlight.
  • Not getting enough water in your diet to allow for hydration in your skin. 
  • Not using enough moisturizers or not using the right ones.

Whatever the cause of damage to the skin on your face, a full facelift can help take years off your appearance. However, you should know that a full facelift will not stop the aging process. It will, however, protect your skin from going in the wrong direction. So, is this a procedure you should consider?

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Why Would Someone Consider A Full Facelift?

There are different reasons why you can decide to have a full facelift. Here are the top reasons why most people consider having a full facelift.

  • Ends Jowls and Droopy Skin: If you want to reduce jowls, drooping, and sagging skin, having a full facelift will help. Facelift will also help tighten facial muscles, creating a youthful and refreshed look.
  • Reducing Saggy Second Chin: Excess skin that develops a saggy second chin look is a common sign that you are growing older. A facelift will help remove the excess skin and create an attractive neckline.
  • Reduce Deep Creases Along the Nose and Below the Eyelids: A full facelift will help reduce deep creases and lines between the mouth, nose, and under the eyes. It will also reduce crow’s feet, facial wrinkles, and lines across the cheeks.
  • Brightens Up Tired Appearance: Skin is always exposed to harmful chemicals and excess sunlight. This environmental stress makes the skin look dull and old after some time. Undergoing a facelift will help restore the lost energetic and bright appearance. A facelift improves the chin, eyes, jaws, and eyes appearance.
  • Makes You Look Young as You Feel: Do you feel young and energetic on the inside but tired and older-looking on the outside? A facelift will help restore your youthful look, making you look as young as you feel. Lifting facial tissues will ensure your outer self has a vibrant and young look. This will build self-confidence, improving your personal, social, and professional relationships.

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What Can A Full Facelift Do?

A full facelift can do many things for a person’s appearance and confidence. Here are some motivations to think about when considering if you should get a full facelift:

Gives You a Younger Look

Having a full facelift will restore our youthful appearance. For some patients, a full facelift has made them look more than ten years younger. Most celebrities opt for a full facelift procedure to help remove aging signs. When you come to us, our experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Learn, and her team will strive to ensure you get the best results. A full facelift will have lots of effects on the texture of your face. This procedure comprises lifting, tightening, and contouring the face, neck, and skin. It also reduces facial wrinkles, mouth and nose creases, and skin sagging.

Suitable for both Genders

Contrary to people’s belief that facelifts are for women, even men can undergo a full facelift. This procedure brings similar benefits to men as it brings to females.

Helps in Tightening the Skin

A full facelift will help reduce skin sagging on the neck areas and jowl. It will tighten the skin, reducing or eliminating sagging.

A Full Facelift can be Used Together with Other Procedures

You can use a full facelift and other procedures like liposuction or breast reduction. It helps in reducing surgery time and saving your time and finances.

Less Invasive

With the ever-growing technology, new surgery methods have come into place. Modern technology has made full facelifts less invasive than they used to be. The time it takes to recover from a facelift is less than before. Modern facelift technology enables you to return to your daily life faster, and also allows for lower pain or discomfort levels.

A Full Facelift Gives You a Natural Appearance

Some people think a full facelift will lead to unnatural results. However, this is not the case. If you work with us, we guarantee you a natural look. Feel free to ask us questions on how we can achieve a natural and more youthful look for you. We will also explain the entire facelift procedure before we embark on the process and be with you every step of the way.

Has a Short Recovery Time

Recovery time for full facelifts is short. If you abide by our doctor’s instructions after the surgery, recovery time will always be fast. You will also achieve natural results without any side effects. Other reasons why you should also consider a full facelift include the following:

  • Aids in restoring the lost facial volume due to aging
  • Tightens the muscle layers
  • Defines the neckline
  • Sharpens the jawline
  • Repositions the cheeks while redefining their curve

The Ultimate Pick Me Up

A full facelift can provide subtle to dramatic results, reducing aging signs. The incision will be made at the temples close to the ear and the lower scalp. This will ensure it hides beneath the hairline, ears, and face natural creases. We will lift your skin and pull it tighter as the underlying muscles are repositioned. We will remove excess skin and redistribute or remove excess fat. To help prevent subjecting you to pain and discomfort, we will administer anesthesia.

What To Expect When Getting A Full Facelift

There are three phases involved in a successful facelift procedure. The first phase leads up to the process. The second phase is during the procedure, and the last is post-procedure care.

Leading Up to the Procedure

Before embarking on the facelift procedure, a series of examinations will be performed. The examinations will help us understand your expectations and goals, and will enable us to devise a treatment plan that suits your needs and desires.

We will take you through the process and answer all your questions to help you make an informed decision. You also have to get clearance from your general physician. A series of tests will be performed to ensure you are healthy before the facelift procedure. Medical control and preoperative study after intervention are of great importance.

Preoperative consultation will help define the full facelift procedure type you will have. Depending on your needs, different procedures can be used or combined to achieve great results.

The Procedure Itself

General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is first administered. This helps in ensuring you are comfortable during the facelift procedure. We will recommend the best choice for you. We will choose the right facelift type depending on the degree of change you want. It can be a limited incision, traditional facelift, neck facelift, or combination. Traditional facelift starts in the temple’s hairline. It thereafter proceeds around the ear and lower scalp. We will redistribute or sculpt fat from the jowls, face, and neck. We will list the muscles and reposition underlying tissues.

All the excess skin is trimmed away, and skin is re-draped over contours. Another incision below the chin will help improve the aging neck. Skin adhesives or sutures will be used to help close the incisions. We will conceal the incision lines from the facelift with the hairline. The facelift’s visible improvements will appear after the bruising and swelling subside. The final result will restore your youthful appearance and improve your self-confidence.

Post-Procedure Care

Take a rest at home in the first few weeks. Straining, such as running or lifting heavy objects, can increase blood flow to the face, which you do not want to do. An increase in blood to the face will increase hematoma, bruising, and bleeding. Avoid strenuous activities for four weeks. East soft foods and drink fluids to help rest your jaw in the first 2 to 3 days. Always read and eat from a high table as it will help prevent bending the chin downwards. Avoid driving in the first 3 to 5 days until the swelling reduces. You can resume your normal activities after two weeks; this is also the point at which you will look “presentable.” Stitches from fine incisions in front of and behind the ears will be removed 1-2 weeks after surgery. You should not wear pullover tops for the first two weeks. Whenever you are outside in the cold, wrap up in a hat and scarf to avoid developing frostbite. Only shampoo your hair and cleanse incisions after removing the drains. Shampoo the hair daily until all the sutures are removed. Avoid using makeup in the first ten days. Avoid dark and heavy makeup brands since scars and incisions can collect pigments. Do not apply Polysporin after the incisions have healed. Instead, use scar cream like Dermatix. Most patients are fully recovered 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure

How Long Should a Full Facelift Last?

Although a facelift will not prevent future aging, it will help hold off aging for up to 20 years. Full facelift results will always last longer than other facelift procedure results.

Maintaining your body weight using a healthy lifestyle will help maintain a youthful appearance. Commit to anti-aging skincare routines and never avoid any procedure that defies aging.

A Little Extra Help

Although a facelift will do wonders in restoring a youthful look, it will never turn the clock back. Several other procedures will always offer extra support. For example, eyelid surgery will help correct droopy lids that are always making you look tired. Facial filler injectables will reduce wrinkles further as chemical peels rejuvenate the skin. A neck lift will help make your neck a young and vibrant look.

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These are for real patients who visited us to undergo a procedure. They represent a fraction of the great transformations plastic surgery can bring. We cannot show all the before and after photos online. Schedule a consultation today to view more before and after photos.

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