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Not only does HydraFacial cleanse your pores and skin, but it also improves your overall skin health. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative facial treatment.

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What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a medical-grade device that completes a multi-step routine to improve the appearance of your skin. The device cleanses and exfoliates the skin before infusing it with the appropriate serums.

The HydraFacial device uses vortex technology to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, easily dislodging impurities without irritating or damaging your skin. This same technology is used to deliver moisturizers and serums to your skin so that it has the ingredients it needs to look its best.

How Does HydraFacial Work?

The HydraFacial device combines two common facial treatments: dermabrasion and a chemical peel. These treatments work together to cleanse and peel your skin. Your treatment begins with your practitioner cleansing and exfoliating your skin. The HydraFacial device gently sprays your face with water and exfoliating ingredients and then vacuums the water away, returning it to a reservoir.

This process removes impurities, gunk, and dead skin cells from your face, leaving you with soft, radiant skin. Next, a light chemical peel solution is applied to your face. The solution only stays on for a moment before it’s removed. Since this is a light chemical peel, your skin won’t experience irritation and peeling like you would with a conventional chemical peel.

Instead, over time, the peel removes the top layer of your skin and supplies gradual skin damage repair. Your damaged skin sloughs off, revealing new, healthy skin that’s more radiant and healthy-looking. The peel lessens the severity of fine lines and wrinkles and yields a more even skin tone.

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How Does HydraFacial Help with Skin Health?

HydraFacial enhances your skin health by removing the top layer of your skin and revealing a new, radiant layer of skin. It also removes debris from your pores that can lead to breakouts.

The moisturizers and serums used in your treatment give your skin the moisture and ingredients it needs to appear nourished and radiant.

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Is HydraFacial Right for Me?

One of the benefits of HydraFacial is that it’s suitable for nearly every skin type. However, there are a few individuals who should abstain from HydraFacial treatments. This includes:

  • Pregnant patients (some of the ingredients used in the treatment aren’t proven to be safe for usage during pregnancy)
  • Individuals with an active rash, sunburn, or rosacea flareup (the HydraFacial process and skincare ingredients can exacerbate existing irritation)

You can customize multiple elements of a HydraFacial treatment so that it’s catered to your skin.

For example, it’s possible to use a stronger peeling solution if you have deep wrinkles or acne scars. This allows the chemical peel to penetrate a deeper layer of your skin so that it offers more dramatic results. Your skincare needs dictate the ingredients used during your HydraFacial. If you want a more even skin tone, your treatment will include ingredients designed to prevent new pigmentation. Or, if you have brown spots, your treatment will work to fade these spots. It’s even possible to adjust the suction power of the HydraFacial device. This is useful if you want to improve the circulation to specific areas of the face. Increasing blood circulation to the area around your eyes can reduce the appearance of dark circles.

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What Can I Expect from HydraFacial Treatment?

There’s no downtime associated with a HydraFacial treatment. Your HydraFacial takes approximately 30 minutes, and the effects are immediate. You’ll leave your treatment with glowing, radiant skin that looks and feels smooth. Since the cleanse and peel process is gentle, you don’t have to worry about redness or skin peeling. This makes HydraFacial a terrific alternative if you want to look your best for a special event. Ready to schedule your HydraFacial? Sign up for a consultation today! We’ll discuss your skin and personalize your treatment to your needs.

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