What is Dysport?

Dysport is a prescription medication that is administered as an injection into the facial muscles that cause moderate to severe glabellar lines – the frown lines that appear between the eyebrows as we age. Dysport is officially approved in 69 countries around the world, has 25 years of clinical experience globally, and is recommended by 97% of women who already had at least one Dysport treatment.

What is Dysport Used For?

Throughout our lives, our facial muscles contract frequently due to many common, everyday facial expressions, such as frowning and squinting. Such repeated contractions eventually lead the skin to display so-called frown lines – fine lines and wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows.

These lines are also due to the natural loss of collagen and elasticity that our skin experiences when we age. Disport can help by dramatically reducing the appearance of these frown lines.

By injecting Dysport into each of the five points that sit between and above the eyebrows, your muscles will stop contracting temporarily. This, in turn, means that your frown lines will be reduced. It’s also important to note that Dysport only acts on your frown lines while leaving the rest of the face looking as natural as possible.

This is why Dysport is particularly loved by patients who want to address those specific fine lines and keep a natural look.

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What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

One Dysport session generally lasts only around 10 to 20 minutes. After your first injection, you can expect to see improvements in only a couple of days. These results should last up to five months.

After this time, you can schedule another Dysport injection to maintain the results achieved with your first treatment.

Restore Your Youth & Confidence.

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What is the Treatment Like?

Before you start your Dysport treatment, you will need to book an initial consultation. During this appointment, you and Dr. Lisa Learn will discuss your needs, goals, and expectations. This is also the best time to mention whether you have any allergies or other health conditions that might hinder the treatment. After Dr. Learn has given you the green light to proceed with your Dysport treatment, you can book your first session. During your session, Dr. Learn will inject each of the five points between and above your eyebrows. As we mentioned earlier, you can expect this to last between 10 and 20 minutes. Downtime after your Dysport treatment is minimal. You might experience some slight discomfort, for which you can use over-the-counter painkillers.

Nonetheless, it’s always best to ask our doctor whether you should take any precautions after your treatment. In the very unlikely event that you experience any serious side effects – such as difficulty breathing, swallowing, or speaking – you must seek medical attention right away. The results that you can achieve with Dysport can last up to five months. After this time, if you want to keep up the rejuvenated look that you have achieved, you can book another session. It’s important to remember that, as Dysport contains the botulinum toxin, you should not have a second injection before three full months have passed, as this might carry some serious health risks.

Why Choose Dysport?

Patients under the age of 65 who want to temporarily enhance the appearance of fine lines between the eyebrows are the best candidates for Dysport treatment. However, as with any other skin-related treatment, it’s essential to seek the official approval of our trusted doctor before you have your first Dysport injection.

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Minimize Frown Lines and Achieve a Natural, Rejuvenated Look

Are you looking to minimize the appearance of those frown lines? Are you younger than 65 and with no specific allergy or health condition? Then, you might be the perfect candidate for a Dysport treatment.

Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Learn before starting any treatment and, once you have been given the go-ahead, then schedule your Dysport treatment and say goodbye to those frown lines!

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